Zinc is the most commonly deficient mineral, and the most critical nutrient for mental health.

Zinc deficiency is associated with schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, anorexia, delinquency, hyperactivity, autism- in short, it’s implicated in a huge range of mental health problems. Getting enough (and a few of us do) is associated with improved memory.

Anita Joubert

There are also many circumstances that increase one’s need for zinc, quite apart from not getting enough from diet. These include stress, infections, PMS and other hormone imbalances, using the contraceptive pill excess copper, frequent alcohol consumption, blood-sugar problems and an inherited extra need for zinc.

Zinc is found in any seed food such as nuts and seeds and the germ of grains. Meat and fish are rich sources, but none is richer than oysters: a single oyster can provide as much as 15mg of zinc!!


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